What do I do with the winter insulation that came with my plant?

We use ThermoPod for our insulation, a material that is made in the U.S. from recycled post-industrial materials (such as cotton and denim). The material is made predominantly of cotton and a small percentage of resin to hold the material together. You have a few options as far as what you can do with this material:

Recycle: Depending on your city’s recycling guidelines, you most likely cannot put this material into your regular curbside recycling stream, though it can be recycled at specialized facilities that accept #60 textiles. For our Large and Extra Large plants, there is an additional low-density poly film surrounding the natural fiber insulation, and this can be recycled as well as a #4 plastic.

Compost: While it may take a long time to break down, the natural fiber insulation is technically biodegradable and compostable. Because cotton is a plant, it will naturally go back into the soil from which it was made. The poly film also has a biodegradable additive. If you are wanting to add this to your own personal garden compost, we recommend breaking it up into small pieces to speed along the process.

Reuse: The insulation (with or without the poly film) is non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and has no evidence of carcinogenicity. It can be safely used to insulate buildings or homes, so one option could be to reuse it for that purpose or donate it to a friend or local builder in need of insulation. Some Bloomscape plant parents have also found some creative ways to reuse it, including covering it with fabric to make a cat or dog bed!