Winter Insulation & How to Dispose of it

Cold temperatures can often hinder the health of your plant in transit. We use a variety of insulation options to keep your plant safe!

You can read more about how we protect your plants during colder months in this blog post. We use a variety of eco-friendly, earth-conscious insulation options. Here are the current three we use.

  • Denim -- if you receive a plant with denim insulation please know that this is non-toxic* and made from recycled denim. It can be re-used for insulation, cushioning or a dog bed insert...feel free to get creative!
  • Greencell Foam -- Greencell is not recyclable material. Rather than taking up valuable space in your home, garage, or recycling bin, we suggest simply rinsing it down the drain, composting it, or using it as a fire starter for grills or fireplaces. Or you can throw it out as normal and know that it will go back to the earth, safely! 
  • TempGuard -- Tempguard is made of 100% recyclable paper and is curbside recyclable safe! Feel free to toss this in your recycling bin once you've unboxed your new plant friend. 

* Some orders require a plastic wrap around the denim insulation. This can be removed and recycled.