How do I know if my plant needs water when it arrives?

How exciting is it that your new plant just arrived? After its journey to your home, it's possible it may be a bit thirsty. Understanding your plant’s unique needs and preferences is key before you start watering.

First, take a look at the Care Card that came with your plant. This will provide specific watering instructions for your plant. You can also check out our A-Z Plant Care Guides or detailed plant care instructions and common issues to watch out for. The Care Card mentions what percentage of the soil volume should dry before watering your specific plant (ex. 25-50%). To test how much of the soil volume is dry, you can either test the soil with your finger or use something like a wooden chopstick. If it comes up with wet soil, then check on it again in a few days. If it comes up dry, then you can water your plant.

To keep your plant full and lush, water evenly and thoroughly around the pot until water drips out the bottom of the pot into the saucer. After watering, wait a few minutes to allow the water to drain into the saucer, which should be discarded. Allowing excess water to remain in the saucer can cause soggy soil and ‘wet feet’ which can lead to root rot. Check out the Grow-How Team's blog post How to Water Indoor Plants Correctly for some more watering how-to’s.

Since each home environment is different, it's hard to say exactly how often you will need to water your plant. Rather than setting a strict water schedule, it’s better to pay attention to the soil moisture to avoid potentially over or underwatering your plant. We suggest checking the soil about once a week. 

If you still have questions about watering, reach out to the Grow-How® Team. Our Plant Experts are always happy to help!